History of Sports Betting in the UK

Sports betting have been part of the UK society from the beginning although it was not as organized as the ones we have today. Sports gamblers do not only bet on professional sports, but also in college and amateur sports league as well. It is actually considered to be the most popular type of gambling in the world.

When Was Sports Betting Legalized in the UK?

Sports betting have a very long history in UK; it has started even before gambling has been labeled as gambling. Gambling or betting is not completely legal; in fact, some of its form is still considered illegal. Sports betting, on the other hand, have been legalized during the 1960s when UK passed an act legalizing off-course bookmakers.

Where is the Venue of Sports Gambling in the UK?

Obviously, we can gamble on sports teams at home with our family or friends; all we have to do is watch the games live. However, professional sports gamblers have their own venue for betting. The most popular one would be in betting shops or bookmakers. This is particularly common among sports that include horseracing, greyhound racing, boxing, as well as football. A stadium or the venue in which the sports event is being held has one wherein before you go watch the event with your actual eyes or through the TVs in the venue, you may have to place bets on your team or a player.

With the advent of technology nowadays, sports betting online have been made possible with the use of the internet. There are legal websites wherein you can actually gamble. However, it is important to note that there are also websites that might just scam you. So before you place your hopes up in betting on a site, you must ensure its credibility and whether or not it is legal.


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