The Universal Rules of Betting: Sports Betting Types

If you are new in UK sports gambling, you must educate yourself first before betting on something. This is to ensure that you have understood the rules and the terms very well. One way to do this is to read books about it; these books can be found in various bookstores, as well as online. Note that some rules in sports betting are actually universal; thus, you can pretty much apply it anywhere you want to.

The Basic Rules in Betting

  • Single Bet. Single bets are the most common types of bets wherein you place a wager on who or which team will win the game in accordance to the odds.
  • Point Spread Bet. It is betting on a winner from two choices; the favorite team and the underdog. Point spread is the term used when allocating the number of points to the two teams; the favorite one is assigned the negative sign, while the underdog gets assigned with a positive sign. The point spread determines whether you won the bet or not.
  • The Moneyline Bet. This type of bet generally tells you the odds for each team but it is not proportional to the point spread.
  • Total Bet. This type of bet is placing a wager on the total number of combined points the teams will score in the game; note that this includes the points that are scored during the overtime. This is more common in team sports.
  • Over/Under Bet. A type of bet wherein gamblers place a bet on the combined points accumulated by two teams. Gamblers will bet on whether the teams will get scores over or under the combined total that is set by the odds maker.
  • Parlay Bet. A parlay bet is also called as a multiple bet. It is a type of bet wherein you choose two or more games with the goal of increasing the winnings. Note that you should be able to win all the games in order to win the parlay. Aside from that, in the event that the game is tied, postponed, or even cancelled, your parley will then be reduced to only one selection.
  • Future Bet. A future bet is obviously betting on an event of the future. At the start of the season, the sports books will actually give out the chances of the teams to win the finals. It is considered to be the most profitable bets most especially if you know the sport you are betting on too well. With this type of bet, you need to rely on your better judgment.
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